Who are we?

Andacon was founded in 1992 and is currently still a 100% family owned business. Our success is based on the tangible values of price, prompt delivery and quickness in providing information. We source, quote and oversee the delivery of orders, quickly and cost-effectively. Our aim is to ensure that all customers receive an efficient, personal level of customer service and care.

Andacon has successfully put together a close-knit team of dedicated specialists in various disciplines such as a Medical Doctor, a Commercial Engineer, a well-trained Commercial Department speaking 5 languages, a dedicated Logistic Department. Quality Assurance and Quality Control is carried out by an Industrial Chemist. Andacon has strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA).

Andacon is a licensed wholesaler: our licence n°1216 is granted by the Belgian Ministry of Health.


Where are we?

Andacon is a Belgian company located in the heart of Flanders with direct access to all main motorways, ports and airports for dispatching to all major destinations worldwide.


Our Mission: Health for Every-Body

As our logo expresses, our aim is to improve health for every body and for … everybody… or in other words: to improve healthcare for everyone on a reliable and cost-effective basis.


Our Vision

In an ever faster moving world of informatisation and telecommunication, Andacon firmly believes that the most valuable assets today are … people.  Andacon believes “every-body” needs to be treated as a human being.  Andacon is projecting this in treating all stakeholders fairly, with trust and respect, by having an open communication and promoting team spirit.


Our Values

Our values are in the way we have chosen to work.  Our values serve as a compass for our actions.

  • Trust & Respect
  • Freedom & Equality
  • Passion & dedication
  • Pleasure & optimism